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Current and operational tasks of the Academy

Current operational tasks are basic elements for the accomplishment of the strategic tasks of the Academy. The bearers of those tasks are the Academy members, acclaimed and renow ned scientists and artists, people rich in life experience, wise and morally responsible intellectu als.

Organized and individual activities of the Academy members reflect in its lawyers:

  • Putting its scientific and other potentials and results at the disposal of our society, Republic of Srpska, in order toachieve its faster economic, cultural and educational growth;
  • Putting scientific and civilization knowledge and achieve ments in the function of our society which should be an important factor in unity, tole rance and harmony building, not only in Serbian nation as a whole, but also the other nations, especially those constitu tive in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Directing and advising people's representatives (legislative and executive power) in making decisions and creating platform when it comes to the relations with the other countries, interna tional community, and espe cially the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose integral part is the entity of the Republic of Srpska;
  • Opposing the phenomena of various kinds of discrimination, racism, ideological exclusiveness and the other extremisms which provoke distrust between people, antagonistic divisions, hatred, clashes and revenge by means of scientific arguments;Opting for the completeimplementation of human rights and freedoms in accordance to worldwide standards;
  • Supporting constantly the efforts of all relevant factors to create social preconditions, per spective of development and security, where young people will be happy and satisfied and stay in their fatherland;
  • Presenting facts, events and valid documentation to the world in order to reveal the truth about the tragic war in Bosnia, denying manipulations and twisted historical facts about Ser bian people and the Republic of Srpska.

Immediate tasks of the Academy, above all, reflect:

  • Institutional development of the Academy by establishing scientific institutes, centers, boards and commissions,
  • Growth of its personnel by accepting new members from some insufficiently represented fields of science and art,
  • Taking part in the process of scientific and artistic policy building in the Republic of Srpska,
  • Incentives and coordination in working on long-term projects from different fields of science,
  • Preparation of scientific conferences and publishing corresponding proceedings,
  • Organizing inter-academy and international collaboration s an important factor in opening our Academy to the world,
  • Creation of preconditions for the upgrade of artistic creativity in all areas,
  • Creating preconditions for the study of natural resources of the Republic of Srpska, economic development, space planning, environmental protection, water- power engineering, agriculture, forestry, culture, education, health protection and other fields.

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