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Organization of the Academy

The Assembly of the Academy 

The Assembly of the Academy is the Academy management organ. The Assembly consists of all regular and corresponding members of the Academy. The Assembly is convoked at least once a year. The Assembly is convoked by the Presidency upon its own initiative, after the proposal from two sections or at least five regular and corresponding members. The regular annual Assembly is opened by the Academy President's appropriate speech. 

The responsibilities of the Academy Assembly are: to pass the Academy statute, to make decisions to establish new sections, prepare the Academy plans and programs, addresses fundamental issues arising from the Academy everyday work and makes appropriate decisions, elects the Academy members, elects and releases the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary General, and the members of the Academy Presidency, approves the election of the section secretaries and their deputies, prepares financial plan and adopts the Academy final bill, approves certain acts passed by the Presidency and performs some others duties defined by the law and Statute. 

The Presidency 

The Academy Presidency is the executive organ of the Academy Assembly. The Presidency of the Academy is consisted of: the President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary General, a member of Presidency and secretaries of sections. The President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary General, and section secretaries are ranked as the members of the Presidency. 

Within the scope of its duties the Presidency: manages the entire activity of the Academy between the Assembly meetings, proposes the Academy programs of activities and delivers them to the Assembly, prepares the annual plan of scientific conferences and approves their programs, harmonizes the activity plans of various sections and other Academy bodies and implements the Academy program of activities, takes part in the harmonization of the Academy activities with the programs of other institutions and organizations from the field of science and culture the Academy collaborates with, upon the proposal of the Printing and Publishing Board prepares the Academy publishing plan and prescribes the preconditions for publishing and authors' honoraria for the Academy publications, convokes the Academy Assembly and submits the reports and proposals for the Academy activities to the Assembly, proposes the election of the Academy foreign members, forms and discharges boards, commissions and other bodies. If these bodies are formed for the purpose of scientific work or artistic activity from the scope of the work of several sections, it considers and accepts their programs and activity reports upon the proposal of the home section, forms the working groups of the Presidency in order to deal with certain tasks or jobs, makes decisions on the agreements with institutes which regulate the relations between the Academy and institutes and the way the Academy is involved in the management of the institute, as well as the monitoring of its work, names and delegates the Academy representatives in the boards of other scientific, artistic and similar organizations and other organs and bodies, collaborates with the academies of sciences, scientific and artistic institutions and organizations in our country and abroad, regulates the use of archive materials in the Academy, proposes the annual financial plan and final bill to the Assembly, organizes inter-academy cooperation, discusses on the initiatives of sections or groups of the Academy members, proposes the establishment of scientific centers or institutes, prepares the plans for international and inter-academy cooperation, prepares a temporary financial plan and final bill, prepares regulations on the internal organization and the systematization of the Academy Secretariat jobs, upon the proposal from sections makes the decisions on the trips in our country and abroad, in accordance with the law prepares general acts from the Academy responsibility and submits certain general acts to be approved by the Academy Assembly, names the Academy Secretary. 

President of the Academy 

The President of the Academy represents the Academy, convokes and presides the meetings of the Assembly, Presidency and Executive Board. He implements their recommendations and in collaboration with the Academy General Secretary and Secretary provides that the Academy works legally and responsibly. 

The Academy President makes the decisions dealing with the work of the Academy. The President is responsible for theimplementation of the Academy financial plan. 

Executive Board of the Presidency 

The Executive Board of the Academy Presidency is the executive organ of the Presidency. 

The Executive Board of the Presidency is consisted of: 

  • the President of the Academy, 
  • Vice-Presidents and 
  • the Academy Secretary General.
  • Vice-Presidents of the Academy

The Academy has two Vice-presidents

The Academy Vice-Presidents help the Academy President dealing with the activities from his scope of work. 

Secretary General of the Academy
Within his responsibilities the Academy Secretary General: 

  • organizes and harmonizes the implementation of the decisions and conclusions made by the Assembly, Presidency and Executive Board, 
  • organizes the preparation of the material for the meetings of the Assembly, Presidency and Executive Board, 
  • coordinates the work of section secretaries and the presidents of boards, commissions and other Academy bodies, 
  • takes care of the Academy publications and he is the editor responsible for the Academy publications, 
  • he is also responsible for the implementation of the Academy financial plan and its funds, 
  • he also has the other rights and responsibilities in accordance with the Statute and the decisions made by the Executive Board and Academy Presidency.

The Executive Board of the Presidency: 

  • implements the decisions and conclusions of the Presidency and the decisions of the Assembly committed by the Presidency, 
  • deals with all everyday activities and those committed by the Presidency, 
  • controls the financial transactions and usage of the Academy property, 
  • submits the drafts of the decisions and conclusions to the Assembly and Presidency, controls the work of boards, 
  • commissions and other scientific units and services of the Academy, 
  • deals with the issues entrusted to it by the Statute and the Academy general acts or the decisions of the Assembly and Presidency.

The Academy Secretariat

The Academy Secretariat performs professional, legal, financial, managerial, administrative and other activities for the Academy. 
The number of jobs, qualifications and scope of work are determined by the Regulations on internal organization and the systematization of jobs. 
The Academy Secretary runs the Secretariat. He is responsible for legal, appropriate and punctual organization and implementation of its activities. 
The law, Statute and other acts regulate the rights and obligations of the employees of the Secretariat. 

The employees of the Secretariat report on their work to the Academy Secretary and they are obliged to provide legal, appropriate and punctual implementation of the activities regulated by the rules on the systematization of jobs. 

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