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Section for Mathematics, Natural and Technical Sciences

Section for Mathematics, Natural and Technical Sciences has twenty two members.

Full member inside the working structure

  • academician DragoLjub Mirjanić,
  • academician Branko Škundrić,
  • academician Milivoje Nadaždin,
  • academician Neđo Đurić,
  • academician Novo Pržulj.
  • academician Esad Jakupović,
  • academician Zoran Mitrović.

Corresponding member inside the working structure:

  • corresponding member Zoran Govedar,

Full member outside the working structure:

  • academician Jovan Šetrajčić.

Foreign Members

  • academician Aleksandar Grubić
  • academician Ilija Nejkov Namigenčev,
  • academician Stane Pejovnik
  • academician Pylyp Govorov,
  • academician Gerald Pollack,
  • academician Tomislav Pavlović,
  • academician Jasmina Vujić,
  • academician Gilbert Fayl,
  • academician Dragan Škorić,
  • academician Milovan Pecelj,
  • academician Svetlana Stevović,
  • academician Nenad Filipović,
  • academician Slobodan Vujić.

The Secretary of the Section is academician Branko Škundrić and the Deputy is academician Esad Jakupović.

Four committees are formed within the Section for Mathematics, Natural and Technical Sciences:


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