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11th International scientific conference Contemporary Materials 2018


The Eleventh International Scientific Conference „Contemporary Materials“ is going to be held, under the organization of Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republic of Srpska, on September 2 and 3. 2018 in Banja Luka.

The work of the Conference is going to be organized within plenary lectures and poster sessions. The general topics of the Conference are: science of matter, condensed matter and physics of solid states, biomaterials and nanomedicine, water.

The programme of the 11th scientific conference Contemporary materials 2018 can be found under the link:


Within plenary lectures, at this Eleventh International Conference Contemporary Materials 2018, the following scientist will present their papers:

Marcel Van de Voorde 
NanoScience & NanoTechnology; in a modern society

Jean-Marie Dubois, Luka Kelhar, Spomenka Kobe 
Amorphous Al-Ce-Cu-Fe alloys: Glass formation and properties

Spomenka Kobe 
Permanent magnets in energy application for the clean environment

Zoran V. Popović
Superparamagnetism in iron-doped CeO2-y nanocrystals

Nenad Filipović
In-vitro and in-silico stent design and testing
Ljubomir Majdandžić 
Contemporary  materials and equipment in modern building

Predrag Dašić
Response Surface Methodology (RSM): Application for modeling material characteristics

A. S. Luyt, D. Dudić,  B. Škipina
Non-contact dielectric measurements on polymer films

Vojislav V. Mitić, Markus Mohr, Goran Lazović,Sandra Veljković, Vesna Paunović, Hans Fecht
The fractal nature contribution to thermal-electro conductivity phenomena new frontiers

Svetlana Stevović, Neđo Đurić, Žarko Nestorović
On the emision of the greenhouse gases particles from water accumulations 

Fatima Živić, Dragan Adamović, Branko Ristić, Nenad Grujović
Review of biomaterials in orthopedic surgery

Jovana Milanović, Matea Korica, Tanja Nikolić, Mirjana Kostić
Oxycellulose – material for new application areas 

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