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Scientific and research projects

The Academy’s bodies, its scholars and researchers are engaged in a number of scientific and research projects. 
Some of them are the following:

  • The Encyclopedia of the Republic of Srpska. At the end of 2007 the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Srpska initiated the development and designing of the Encyclopedia of the Republic of Srpska. This was preceded by getting a support from the president of the Republic, the RS National Assembly and the RS Government, and by the adoption of the Law on Developing Encyclopedia ("RS Official Gazette", no. 38/07), which was the first step in preparation of this strategic document. 
    The Encyclopedia of the Republic of Srpska was designed as a lexicographic work of general type; by way of research approach and scientific treatment of envisaged entries it will try to demonstrate essential issues related to the present and the past of the Republic of Srpska spiritual heritage (customs, usages, religion, mentality), as well as interaction with the cultures of the surrounding nations, first of all those of the East and the West. Treatment of lexicographic content will be based on reliable sources, verified facts and results of research accepted in science. Compiled on the basis of arguments, the Encyclopedia will be an inevitable book of reference of systematized knowledge in various scientific disciplines, culture and art. It will serve a broader circle of users, and contribute above all to spreading the truth about the Republic of Srpska.
  • The Wind Energy Potential of the Republic of Srpska.The goal of the project is to determine the energy potential of the wind in the Republic of Srpska in the form of Atlas of the Wind Energy Potential with the values of mean annual speed of the wind and the density of force at an altitude.
  • Conductive and Optical Characteristics of Nano-Dimensional Crystalline Patterns.The goal of the project is to determine significant spatial-energy parameters that re-define transportrelated and optical characteristics of crystalline nanofilms.
  • Contemporary Materials for Renewable Energy Sources and Biomedicine.The project addresses research of nanomaterials in the field of renewable energy sources and biomedicine.
  • Modeling Specific Properties of Nano-Structural Materials.The Project deals with designing the structures with magnetic moment more resistant to the change of temperature and to the increase in concentration of ferroelectric and optical excitations.
  • New Materials for Chemical Sources of Electric Energy (scientific-technical cooperation BiH-Slovenia, 2010-2011).The goal of the project is to find new and less costly environment-friendly materials for energy conversion and storing.
  • Reproductive Health in the Republic of Srpska.A two-year project which deals with the tendencies of demographic development of the RS, with preservation and promotion of the RS reproductive potential.
  • Researching Post-Traumatic Predictors of Cardiovascular Diseases with the Young in the RS in the Aftermath of War.Researches are directed to the population of adolescents who were either born or were the children of pre-school age at the time of war events. The goal is to determine whether they have increased risk factors for development of atherosclerosis due to the psychological traumas that they experienced. If this is determined to be true, special prevention measures for cardiovascular diseases should be undertaken with this population, in the sense of their regular checkups and the work in the health and educational field.
  • Studying the Serb Dialect Complex in BiH.The subject of the project is a comprehensive and systematic researching of the Serb vernacular in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a number of thematic units monographic descriptions of speeches of a number of areas; recording speech of the persons who left their home places during the war; defining major dialectical isophones; researching dialectical interference; working on the Serb dialect atlas; collection and working with the dialect lexis and onomastic researches.
  • Harmonization of the Law on Business Companies with the European Union Law.The goal of the project is to determine the level of harmonization of regulations dealing with the business companies with the European Union Law.
  • Legal Aspects of Electronic Business in the RS Harmonization with the European Union Law.The goal of the project is to determine the level of harmonization of regulations on RS electronic business with the European Union regulations that deal with that same matter.
  • The Dayton Peace Agreement as a Legal and Political Basis of the Development of the RS.The purpose of the project is to emphasize stability and longevity of the provisions of the Peace Accord, as an international act, according to the principle „Pacta sund servanda".

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